April 23, 2006

Weird UPS Guy

I must mention the weirdo UPS guy that came to my door a few days ago. I got a notice that something for UPS was on its way. I had no idea what it was. I normally don't like using couriers since they charge expensive brokerage fees. I spent hours trying to figure out what it might be. I hadn't ordered anything lately, and figured it might have been something from a customer- which made me even more nervous. Anyhow I made sure I was around for the next delivery attempt. Sure enough the buzzer rings and I let the UPS guy into the building. He comes up with an envelope. Gulp...What could it be? I find unanticipated paperwork frightening. I sign for it as quickly as I can since I am in a hurry to see what it is. Then the guy starts to get chatty and a little too friendly. He asks if he can have "some water or a diet soda." Uh, ok I think. I said, "hang on I'll get you some water." I close the door since I don't want the cats getting out and go and retrieve a glass of water. He starts rambling as I bring the glass. If I hadn't blocked his way, I think he would have come in to drink it. Now, this might seem rude to some of you, but I was alone and didn't want a stranger taking his coffee break in my living room. Then he starts making fun of my last name and going on and on about a Seinfeld episode. Asks if I've seen that one. (Personally, I can't remember it) but I nod and say, "yes, uh, ha ha, yeah that was funny" trying to get him to finish and leave. He chugs the water and hands me back the glass. We say bye to each other and I lock the door. I RIP open the envelope...

Surprise, surprise. It is the transportation vouchers for my upcoming trip. I had totally forgotten about them. I am relieved.

My friend thinks he was probably trying to hit on me for a quicky. (What can I say, she's perverted) Anyhow, I highly DOUBT that. I think the only thing he wanted from me but didn't get was my diet soda. ;)

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