July 17, 2006

My crappy week

Literally! On top of taking my mysteriously sick cat, Dave to the vet, breaking my toe and having a lousy client the following happened:

See this image. Well that is what happened to me last week.
Except for the fact, I wasn't outside and I'm not a child. Nor am I Asian. And I don't think it was a Pigeon. And I don't wear capri pants. And I can't run
on an angle.

I was being a good pet mom and was shopping in Petsmart last week. I filled my cart with cat food and headed to the checkout. Just as I was entering the line, I felt something wet hit my head, slide down my cheek, into my ear and eventually slopped its way onto my purse.

Yup, fresh bird poop. I stood for a few seconds in disbelief. A guy behind me asked what happened. I blurted out "A bird just crapped on my head!" Then he asked if I was still in line. I said no. I though my priority was to get the mess off of my face, ponytail and ear instead of keeping my spot in line. Thank goodness for anti-bacterial wipes. This is the third time it has happened to me in less that two years. Twice in Florida, and now here.

I think I have a bullseye on the top of my head. I also think I need to start wearing hats. And earmuffs.

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