October 11, 2006

Fruit nut case

How the heck do I find these sites??? (my comments in black text)

Fruit Emporium - Pics and Rankings

"Avocado - A strange, creamy fruit. In fact it almost tastes like nothing. Except it doesn't quite taste like nothing."

um WHAT???

"There's a 'subtle' eggy/creamy/nutty flavour. This isn't necessarily always a bad thing, but for a 'fruit', it's probably not advised. Anyway, if not for the taste, you might want to try it for its novelty. Just don't expect to enjoy it much."

Gee, thanks for lowering my avocado expectations. Not quite sure how I'll go on with my day.

"Lemon - Surely the most bitter/acidic fruit, the humble lemon gets the award for the fruit most used as a flavour but something which is rarely eaten raw. Some like it raw (like my brother - but then he's mad ;)"

PSST: He's not the only one.

Click here for more disheartening fruit advice you'll NEVER use.

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