December 17, 2006

Worst Mother In Law Christmas Gifts

I found this post on another message forum I frequent. Absolutely hysterical. Hee hee
(Posted with permission of original author) :

By request, my annual MIL gift thread! You won't be disappointed!

Well, it is that time of year again. The gifts have been exchanged, and as usual, we were not disappointed. It would appear that she did the bulk of her shopping at some off the wall flea market again because the stuff she came up with could not possibly be found in an mall, strip or otherwise!

First off, let's start with me. She handed me an awkwardly shaped package which looked like she had a hell of a time wrapping. With baited breath I tore off the paper to discover what looked to be some kind of pouch. Upon closer inspection, I realized that this pouch had wheels. I unfolded it to discover that it was some kind of bag on wheels with a pull handle. The unfortunate part is that it is geared toward the dwarf community! I would have to be crawling on my knees to actually pull this bag behind me. The package said something about it being specially made for the "Little People". Being that I am 5'5", that wouldn't really apply to me.

On to my husband. He cautiously opened his gift only to discover the complete Eagles albums on 8-track! It's an early 80's version of a boxed CD set! All the 8-tracks were shrink wrapped together and tied with a nice ribbon. I'll give it an "8" for presentation, but a "0" for practicality since we haven't had an 8-track player since the early 80's.

My 17-year old daughter received first prize though. She got a clear glass lamp with a "scene" inside it. It was a bird with a nest and some other stuff actually inside the base of the lamp! My MIL was so excited to tell her that she bought it at a craft show in northern MI, and that she actually met the craftsman who made it. MIL thought this would be ideal for my daughter to take to college with her next fall.

Next up is my 14-year old son. He received an "animal fun play set". It is a complete set of ears, tails and noses from just about any animal you can think of. Apparently he is supposed to invite his friends over to play "zoo" or "farm" instead of Playstation. I seriously had to step out of the room when he opened it because I lost it.

And then there was my 11 year old daughter. She got a Holly Hobbie dress with a smocked top and little round, white collar. It is EXACTLY what all the 5th grade girls are sporting this year! She also received a jar of L'Oreal Wrinkle Defense cream. MIL was so pleased to tell her that it has "Boswelox" in it. What in the world is Boswelox and why would an 11-year old care???

So there you have it. The complete collection. As usual, we cannot use any of it, but it does bring us much joy and laughter to be able to share it with all of you. Happy Holidays everyone!

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