June 20, 2007

Let's Watch An Infomercial

Ah yes, I'm up late working again. I usually have the TV on in the background when I use my laptop. Last night a rather amusing infomercial came on. It was for some sort of electronic kitchen knife.

For the first few minutes it was the regular infomercial crap. Blah blah, can do this, blah blah, can do that...etc...Then it started to get a little weird:

The chef starts slicing a piece of pizza horizontally between the toppings and the crust leaving a measly triangle of pizza dough behind. "You too, can cut carbs with our electric knife..." Um, maybe you could cut carbs if you stopped eating pizza altogether Fat Ass. Cutting part of the crust off isn't going to help if you plan on eating the ENTIRE pizza.

Then the chef starts severing bread slices horizontally. "You too can cut paper thin slices of bread" The bread is now way too thin to make any kind of sandwich.

Various images of fruit, vegetables and other soft products are shown with the knife going bad ass on them. Why one needs an electric knife to cut soft melon, I'll never know.

Now the kicker was the tag line used in the presentation: "Even if you've NEVER used a knife before..."

What the hell? Who has NEVER used a knife? And, would you really want to give an ELECTRIC, SAWING knife to someone who has never used a regular knife before???

I don't know.

Maybe they were marketing to babies?

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