January 16, 2006

I am not Bambi

I am not Bambi.


Way back in high school my religion teacher decided to associate each
student with a particular animal. (What the heck does this have to do with Catholic school religion class anyway???) He looked over the class and pointed out each student one by one. I recall one girl being called a Peacock. Come to think of she did sort of look like one. In a good, attractive, Peacock sort of way. He went through about 2 thirds of the class when he eventually got to me. He decided I looked like Bambi. (Yes he literally said, "Bambi") I uncomfortably shifted in my uniform skirt and eyed him. He moved on to the next students labeling each as a Swan, Cat, etc...

I was still stuck on Bambi. I LOOK LIKE A DEER? I look like a MALE deer?
A Disney ANIMATED deer??? My best friends are not a skunk and rabbit. I do not live in the Forest. I live in the city.

I gathered up my books and left the classroom feeling odd.

Weeks later he stopped me in the hallway and brought it up again. Pointing out the new class pictures were released and that yes, I was like a gentle, sweet little Fawn.


Guess I should go prancing through the forest and nibble on some berries ;)

And I suppose I should be thankful that I wasn't the kid who was called a Pig.

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