January 16, 2006

Clickety Click Barba Trick

I'm sitting here in my office, trying to work and my legs are killing me.
I had a charley horse the other day and ever since then I've been uncomfortable. Shifting, twisting and crossing and uncrossing my legs under my desk isn't helping.

I wish I was Barbapapa.

He could manipulate himself into any amoeba like shape or form.
Think about it. If Barba Papa had a backache or slipped a disk he could just turn himself into an elastic band or something and get all the kinks out himself.

Actually that whole family was gifted. Need an extra chair at dinner? What about a table? No problem just call one of the kids: Barbabravo, Barbabright, Barbazoo, Barbabeau, Barbabelle,Barbalala, and Barbalib!
Barbapapa and Barbamama actually had SEVEN children. I guess if Barbamama was that flexible.......uh nevermind. Anyhoo. I wish the magic Barba words: "Clickety Click
Barba Trick would heal my legs."

The Wonder Twins could also manipulate themselves into different forms with the words, "Wonder Twin Powers ACTIVATE"

Of course one twin could only turn into animals and the other various shapes of water. Now if I was in dire need of a Lion or frozen waterfall I'll call upon them. But I'm not at the moment. Then again, maybe one could turn into a Hot Tub and the other a Gorilla gifted in the art of massage.
As long as it doesn't fling poop at me.

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