February 22, 2006

Weirdest Pet Conversation

I've got to take the kitties in for their vet check ups next month. I hate taking them. Someone will inevitably come up to me and try to stick their fingers in the carrier without asking. Or they will approach me and ask "what do you have in there?" or "why are they going to the vet?" I'm not sure what kind of response they want to hear? Would you ask some stranger why they were going to the doctor? "Oh hey Moofygirl, why are you going to the doctor" Moofygirl: "Oh hey random stranger, I have this itch and uh..."

The weirdest vet/animal conversation I ever had was when I took my beloved Grover to the vet. This was in the early 1990s (He has since passed away) Grover was a little brown ferret. I forget why he was at the vet's. Probably just for his shots. Anyhow, I was about to go back home. Grover was in his carrier. An old man approached me. The conversation went something like this:
Old Man: "Whatcha got in there?"
Me: "A ferret."
Old Man: "What?"
Me: "A ferret."
Old Man: "Is that a kitten?"
Me: "No, a ferret."
Old Man: "A parrot"
Me: "No, a ferret - they are from the otter family."
Old Man: "A carrot?"
Now what I really wanted to say, was, "Yes sir, I occasionally take my favorite vegetables out. In fact, I LOVE taking them to the vet. I wanted to make sure he was growing just right. He is my best friend. I've trained him to lay there and do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING at my command. Are you watching? Good. "Carrot, STAY" See. He obeys my every command. He is brilliant and the BEST PET I've ever had! "
Me: (back to reality) "No sir, a ferret. Look." *Moofygirl points to Grover*
Old Man: "Oh."

Did I mention I hate going to the vet?

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