March 1, 2006

Floral Sex

So I was browsing Flickr this evening. I was looking at one of my contact's photo streams when I decided to look into his comment section. One of the comments lead to another person's photos. Well this guy, er...naked dude had a group of pictures of his penis next to various flowers.

Now, I'm all for artsy stuff, really, I am. I studied Art History in University. I'm not adverse to nudes. But this is ridiculous. If you want to show your wiener just do it. Don't stick it next to some daffodils or a rose and pretend it is art. Really, it is just silly. And, kind of sad. Especially for the flowers. It is bad enough that they are pulled out of the ground, hacked up and stuffed in a vase before they wilt away and die. But do they also need to be subjected to a close up view of some dude's prick before their demise?

I guess you could say this guy is into FLORAL SEX. *rim shot*

Ha ha ha. I kill myself. *snicker*

Oh and please tell me this person ISN'T a Florist. I don't think I'll be able to look at a flower bouquet the same way again!


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