March 30, 2006

Pavarotti Farewell Tours (PS: What Is Wrong With His Eyebrows?)

I need to find out who Pavarotti's eyebrow stylist is. They need to be slapped. Anyway, lately Luciano's brows have been bothering me. He looks perpetually scared. They are so molded and shaped way too precisely. It looks like they have been drawn on. Then again, maybe they have. Perhaps he is channeling Norma Desmond. Or Sesame Street's Bert. Voila:

From this:

To this:

And what is with the latest farewell tour? Didn't he have one a few years ago? I don't think this will be the last farewell. I predict the following future concert tours:

The Real farewell tour

Ok folks, this time I'm seriously quitting the Opera Biz tour

I'm back but just for this one itty bitty song tour

Yo Biatch - This Ain't La Boheme (Pavarotti sings Opera Classics To Rap)

I like Opera, but I really hope he stops before he gets to the Yes Giorgio Reunion tour.


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