September 26, 2007

My Hobby: I Steal The Guitar...

Ok, first I'll start this entry off by saying, I giggle at some of the various my space messages I receive...(The Turkish ones are the best... :p)
And yes, I know I'm going to hell in a hand basket.

Another Amusing Myspace Message I received last night
(my reply text in blue)

My name is ***********

i am living turkey in istanbul
I didn't know Turkeys could talk, let alone have myspace accounts.

because canadian girl a lat of sweet,beatifull,honest,Faithful and devoted
Yeah, that's what you think.

my mail adress; ******************

i am zodiac Fish :)
Talking Turkey or Fish? Which is it???

my hobby; i steal the guitar i have there my compose
My hobbies: Tuba thievery.

i love drawing the picture at one
Hey, I like painting at 2:30 and 7:45!

i want you to recognize you
I'm almost certain, I can still identify myself. Then again, after a few drinks...

i vist,i drink the beer sometimes and i to dance i like
Borat is that you?

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