January 21, 2006


I did not sleep well last night. I had really weird dreams. One, involved taking beta carotine pills as a cure all for EVERYTHING. The other involved my aunt and I taking drugs at Walt Disney World. (Perhaps I'd been on It's A Small World and needed an "antidote" LOL) Oh and my aunt also brought along her budgie. (FYI she doesn't have a budgie) Then, we ordered large Rice Krispie cakes that looked like clowns. Inhaled them, and did more drugs...

I finally woke up to loud banging noises.
BANG BANG BANG. Drill, drill, drill. Kerplunk.
I'm trying to guess what my neighbors are up to.

I've tried drowning out the sound with music, but it doesn't seem to help.
Are they gourmet chefs, pounding out tender filets of beef? Do they manufacture their own furniture? Or, do they just like hitting things?
Perhaps Woody Woodpecker is visiting. Or Pinocchio moved in and is having hot sex....ALL DAY LONG.

I hope he doesn't start a fire. :p

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