January 19, 2006

Future Reality TV Shows

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Reality TV's latest craze seems to involve spin-offs of current hit shows.
First, there was Dancing With The Stars now in pre-production is Skating With Celebrities. What next? Interpretive dance with the Stars?

I will now present you with my predictions for future Reality TV spin-off shows...

From the makers of Fear Factor:
BEER FACTOR - Tight rope walking and 7 pints. Need I say more?
Queer Factor - The only show where it really is ok to scream like a girl.
Lear Factor - Frustrated actors compete to win a role in a regional summer stock production of Shakespeare's King Lear. (Prediction - Cancelled)

From The producers of The Amazing Race:
The Amazing Racist - Teams travel the world in a race to see who can alienate themselves first from other cultures

And for the first time ever: Big Brother Canadian Edition:
12 hosers, uh...Contestants monitored live 24/7 discuss Beer, Hockey and Beer eh. General politeness ensues.


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