February 20, 2006

Sign Language

I'm perplexed today. But then again, I'm often perplexed or confused. I was going through a clipart dvd in preparation of a new project when I came upon some rather confusing symbols & signs. First I saw this one:

Now, I have absolutely NO IDEA what it means. Is it the international symbol for avoiding saws in the ocean? Who knows?

And, why do we need this symbol? Is it a "do your push ups here" sign? I mean would you really be driving down the highway and see this sign and think, "hey, I'd better pull over and do some push ups." Or is it, "watch out for random work outs" and then you see Richard Simmons giving an aerobics lesson at the side of the road. Why I ask??? Why???

Now, this is really confusing. I've tried to figure this one out for awhile and have come to one conclusion. It is the "Eat my damn candy apple, you bastard" sign. I'm sure of it.

Oh and last, but not least is the "Bend Over Village People" sign. This warns all that an ex Village People cast member may be bending over in an area near you. Funny thing is, I don't remember there being a miner? I recall and Indian, a cop and a construction worker. Was there a miner? Dunno.

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