March 9, 2006 Questionnaire

I signed up for Just for the heck of it. (Well, to join THE AMAZING RACE TV show group and to link to this blog) I'd heard about it for years, but never had the guts to open an account. Now I remember why. I hate answering all those questions. Favorite TV, Movies, Tell us about yourself, Who do you want to meet? Do you like salad? AHHH. I can never think of anything interesting enough to say in those profile type questions. I'm much better with specific questions. Then there is the pressure of a "friends" count. What if no one adds me as a friend? Is it my picture? My favorite movie? Am I a freak? Is this blog stupid? Am I stupid? (Please don't answer...I'm overtired and my ego is rather fragile at the moment) Needless to say, I'm much better at answering specific questions. I wish these kinds of sites would be a bit more creative with their questions. I shall now compose my own questionnaire. Please feel free to answer this or pass it on.

1)Soup: Yes. No. Maybe???
2)Do you like
Sherman Hemsley aka George Jefferson?
3)Have you ever ridden an elephant?
4)Kites or Boomerangs?
5)Have you ever had a ferret go up your pants?
6)Jack and Jill or Dick and Jane?
7)Fill in the blank: I often go to the store and buy a big load of ___________ .
8)What song is this: "La la la la la la la la la la la"?
9)What is next in this sequence of events: Beer & Wine = Fine, Wine & Beer = Fear, Girl Drinks & Wine Coolers =_______
10)Which is a better term for peanut butter: Pressed Nuts or Creamed Nuts?
11)Describe your personality in a three word sentence. Bonus points if you can do it in another language.
12) HA! There is no question 12!!!
13)Subway or Streetcar?
14)Grimace or
The Hamburglar?
15)Hoser or Redneck?
16)Can I have $5.83?

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