March 11, 2006

I guess I should answer my questionnaire...

A couple of people have asked what my answers were for the previous questionnaire so here they are:
1)Soup: Yes. No. Maybe???
2)Do you like Sherman Hemsley aka George Jefferson?
But of course! WEEZIE!!!
3)Have you ever ridden an elephant?
Yes. When I was three years old. (Note to self: What the hell were my parents thinking???)
4)Kites or Boomerangs?
Kites, man, kites. Can't imagine Charlie Brown having issues with a Boomerang.
5)Have you ever had a ferret go up your pants?
Unfortunately yes.
6)Jack and Jill or Dick and Jane?
Dick & Jane. Jack and Jill is soooo elementary school. Plus lots of fun ways to use "DICK" in a sentence.
7)Fill in the blank: I often go to the store and buy a big load of ___________ .
Coca Cola. The Moof is powered by Zero Coke.
8)What song is this: "La la la la la la la la la la la"?
I'm thinking it is the operatic vocalization of the Law & Order theme with a little air guitar thrown in.
9)What is next in this sequence of events: Beer & Wine = Fine, Wine & Beer = Fear, Girl Drinks & Wine Coolers =_______
10)Which is a better term for peanut butter: Pressed Nuts or Creamed Nuts?
I prefer creamed nuts. It sounds British, thereby making it classier sounding than peanut butter.
11)Describe your personality in a three word sentence. Bonus points if you can do it in another language.
geek créateur idiot

12) HA! There is no question 12!!!
*shakes fist at screen*
13)Subway or Streetcar?
The Subway. I've often tripped on streetcar tracks so I choose The Subway. I haven't fallen into the tracks yet. *knocks on wood*
14)Grimace or The Hamburglar?
Grimace. Reminds me of Barbapapa. You have to wonder though, what McDonalds marketing was thinking with that character.
15)Hoser or Redneck?
Slightly Hoserish when visiting foreign countries. Can't help saying "eh."
16)Can I have $5.83?
Will you accept rolled pennies?

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